About Taking Legal Action Against A Supervisor For Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment on the job is not something that you should have to worry about when trying to earn a decent living. If your supervisor has been threatening to demote your position if you are not willing to give in to his or her sexual advances, it is time for you to put a stop to it by hiring an employment attorney. There is helpful information in this article that will give you more insight on what to expect when you move forward with hiring an employment attorney.

Be Prepared to Provide Personal Details

There are certain things that must have been said or done by your supervisor in order for you to have a justifiable legal case. The employment attorney will make sure your information is kept confidential; especially if there is anything that was done to you that you don't want other people to know about yet. However, the attorney might have to use your confidential information in court in order to prove that you are right, but only with your permission. Be prepared to answer questions about any sexual relations that you have had with your supervisor that were not against your will as well. Even if you have ever done something as simple as flirting with your supervisor, the attorney will want to know.

Contacting the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

As a way to cut out the necessity of going to court, your attorney might contact the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) before moving forward legally. The EEOC is in place to help settle disputes for job discrimination, which sexual harassment falls in the category because you are being threatened with demotion. The attorney will explain our case to the EEOC and help you fill out all of the necessary documents that they need to handle the case. Your supervisor may be asked to leave the company after the EEOC gets involved, but your attorney can take the case to mediation or court if you want compensation for what you had to go through.

Going After Compensation for More Justice

If you don't feel completely justified if your supervisor is terminated from the company, an attorney can help you get paid for your pain and suffering. You can also get paid for the emotional distress and embarrassment that you had to suffer through. Get in touch with an employment attorney so you can get justice against your supervisor and not have to worry about him or her sexually harassing you anymore.