Should You Fight Your Traffic Ticket?

Unless you are one of the blessed few, you have received a few traffic tickets in your time. Often, you were speeding or otherwise violating the law and so paid your ticket and vowed to do better on the nation's roads. What if you receive a ticket you do not think you deserve? Should you fight it in court? The answer is "maybe." In some instances, the time and trouble to fight a ticket are worth it to prevent fines, higher insurance premiums, and possible loss of your license. 

The Law

Although many police officers are well-versed on the law, they are not always right. They can make mistakes and ticket you for something that isn't illegal. Experts recommend that before you pay your fine, often considered a guilty plea, that you read the law you are accused of violating. For instance, even stop-sign laws may not be black or white. Under some circumstances, you might be allowed to "roll through" a stop sign. If the law is actually on your side, you have good reason to fight the ticket. You can go to court with the statute printed out and use it as your defense. 


Fines vary greatly state by state and according to the severity of the offense. For instance, in Texas, driving without insurance and driving without a valid license will both cost you $250 per year. Speeding tickets vary according to the speed you are traveling when caught. You will also lose points off of your license which can ultimately lead to having your license suspended or revoked. In addition, your insurance rates may climb precipitously. You need to take all of these factors into account while you are deciding whether or not to fight your ticket.

Legal Help

If you are ticketed for a DUI or any offense that has potential criminal charges attached, you should always hire an attorney to represent you. For minor tickets, you need to measure the financial effects of your ticket versus the cost of representation. However, in some areas, ticket specialists will give you a money-back guarantee if they do not get results such as a reduced fine or dismissal. In those instances, fighting a speeding ticket becomes a no lose proposition. 

If you get a traffic ticket, do not automatically "surrender." You may be able to get the ticket dismissed or reduced, saving you money in fines and protecting you from other unpleasant ramifications. Read the law and consult a law firm like Thomas & Associates, PC to learn more.