Answers For A Couple Of Questions About Custody Issues

Issues involving the children from a marriage can be among the more divisive issues that can follow a divorce. Sadly, custody issues can be extremely complicated, which may make it difficult for individuals to make informed choices when it comes to handling these topics. As a result, you may benefit from having some basic questions about these issues answered so that you will be better understand your rights in these situations.

What If You Can Not Afford Your Child Support Payments?

You may be required to make child support payments, and these payments are established at the time of the divorce. The exact amount of the child support will be determined by a number of factors including your income, debts and the number of children. Unfortunately, your life circumstances can change, which may make it difficult for you to make these payments. For example, a loss of employment or taking a steep pay cut can make it all but impossible to make these payments.

If you find that your circumstances change and you are unable to pay your share of child support, it is possible for you to petition the courts to have your child support obligations reduced. In order to qualify for these reductions, you will need to present proof of the change that impacted your income and debts.

How Should You Proceed If Your Visitation Rights Are Violated?

It is an unfortunate fact that your former partner may withhold visitation for you. When this occurs, it can be easy for a person to feel personally insulted, but it is important to avoid making a noticeable scene as being arrested may complicate your ability to contest the visitation violation. Rather, you will need to immediately contact an attorney. When a court sanctioned visitation agreement is violated, it is possible for a judge to issue an order forcing the other parent to respect your visitation rights. If this order is violated, it is possible to be held in contempt of court, which can result in fines, jail time and the loss of custody.

Custody and visitation issues are among the more divisive topics that can be encountered with a divorce. By understanding that you may be able to have your child support obligations reduced and the actions you can take if your visitation rights are violated, you will be in a much better position for making sure that your rights are protected when these contentious issues arise. Consult with a family law attorney, like one from Gearing Rackner Engel And McGrath LLP, for more information.