Was Your Child's Rash Misdiagnosed For Months And Now They Have A Disease? What To Know

If you took your child to the pediatrician on more than one occasion for a rash and they sent the child home claiming it wasn't a problem, and now you have discovered that they have a serious health condition or problematic immunity, you may want to get a lawyer.

Your pediatrician is supposed to be the medical professional that you trust to diagnose your child correctly, and to notice when things are reoccurring and problematic. Problems with the skin can indicate a variety of diseases, so gather the following things for a meeting with an attorney.

Duration of Rash

How long has the child been dealing with the rash? You'll want to find the medical statement from the first appointment you took your child to so they could have the rash examined, and then to the last appointment when you finally decided to see another medical professional or finally found out the problem. The weeks, months or years that this condition went on are proof of neglect.

Blood Work and Cultures

If there were blood tests ordered to see what your child's blood levels were, along with cultures of the rash, and these tests had information that your pediatrician should have focused on, you want to get these results for your lawyer. There may have been several warning signs or problems with the blood work that were overlooked. All the labs where your child was tested should have this information.

Other Signs and Symptoms

There are many other signs and symptoms related to illness, and if your pediatrician ignored the fever, vomiting, fainting, sore throat, or other irritations your child had because of the illness, and said they were just associated with the rash on the skin, this is more proof that the physician was negligent and didn't pay enough attention to detail.

There are many viruses that can be associated with rashes, but if your child had a rash for a prolonged time and needed treatment badly, but your pediatrician refused to take the rash seriously, hire a lawyer. If your child has now been diagnosed with a serious health condition or disease and they missed out on a lot of time when they could have been getting treatment and they could have been out of misery. Gather all the medical bills and expenses that were required to pay for the appointments and medicines, and bring your financial losses to the lawyer as well. For more information, visit a law firm, such as Davidson Law Center Inc.