Can You Get A Bail Bond Without Having Someone To Co-Sign It?

When being in the wrong place at the wrong time lands you in the local jail, calling a bail bond company is the fastest way to get back to your usual routine. However, most bonds are issued with the help of a co-signer who accepts some of the responsibility for making sure you stick to the terms of your bail. If you don't have anyone available to be your co-signer, getting a bond is a little more difficult.

Why are Co-Signers Needed?

Involving a second party like a family member or friend in the bail process increases the likelihood that the bonds company will get their money back. In the case that the released person skips their court date, the bail bonds company can request payment from the co-signer for the full amount. Of course, this is exactly why many friends and acquaintances may feel uncomfortable with the idea of signing for you to borrow money from a bail company with their name on the paperwork.

Do I Have to Pay Bail?

When the judge feels that you're not a flight risk, you may be offered a recognizance bond that is also known as an offer of own recognizance or O.R. By signing paperwork with your lawyer to declare that you'll appear on time for your court date, you'll be set free without having to pay the bond set for your case. However, this is not offered to everyone. You may have to find a way to pay for your bail if you can't convince the judge to offer you a no-cost bail option.

Can I Borrow Against My Own Assets?

If you own a home in good condition or a vehicle that is no longer under a loan, you can use these kinds of items as collateral to secure a bond without having to find a separate co-signer. Of course, you'll also sign a contract authorizing the company to seize that property in case of non-payment. Don't expect to use cash or credit as collateral since most states limit your access to your own bank accounts while you're being accused of a crime.

Between signing your own no-cost bail agreement to putting up personal property as collateral, you can secure your release from jail without having to call all your friends and family members for help. Don't forget that you'll need proof of ownership of any items you use for collateral before the value can be assessed and applied to your account.

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