Tips For Successfully Managing Your Financial Life During A Divorce

If you are planning to obtain a divorce from your spouse in the near future, then you are likely concerned about your future financial life. You are right to be thinking about the financial aspect of your life now before you have separated. There are many things you need to do to protect your credit rating and ensure that you leave the marital home with everything you need to start your new single life. To this end, here are some tips for successfully managing your financial life during your upcoming divorce:

Tip: Remove Copies of Your Family's Financial and Legal Documents

Once you have left your marital home, it might be hard for you to obtain documents from your spouse. If your divorce is amicable, then this may not be an issue. However, since you never know for sure how things will go, it is always advisable to copy all of your family's financial and legal documents before you separate. You need to take each of these documents with you:

  • a copy of home mortgage papers
  • a copy of your last 3 years of income taxes
  • a copy of all credit card statements
  • a copy of all household bills
  • a copy of all bank account statements
  • a copy of all life insurance policies
  • your original birth certificate
  • a copy of your marriage certificate
  • your original Social Security Card

Tip: Trust but Verify Your Spouse's Financial Information

While you may be inclined to believe the financial information your spouse provides you with, it is important that you also verify the information for yourself. It is against the law to open other people's mail, so you cannot open and copy statements for debts and assets in your spouse's name. However, you can ask for copies of these documents and should do so prior to leaving. If the information is in an accessible area of your home, then you should make copies and take them with you.

Tip: Change Your Address with the Post Office and All Creditors

Finally, if your mail and bills can't reach you, then late and unpaid bills are likely to damage your credit rating. Since your credit rating is more important than ever, it is vital that you regularly receive your mail. As soon as you know you are moving, make sure you change your address with the post office. Additionally, you need to take the time to change your address with every creditor you have. If you have online bills going to joint email accounts, then you need to modify those as well while you still can do so.

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