Valuable Details That Can Strengthen A Personal Injury Assault Suit

While many people associate personal injury suits with slip-and-fall cases or dog bites, the reality is that you may choose to hire an attorney and pursue this type of legal action in the wake of an assault. While you may also be dealing with the situation in criminal court, especially if you called the police and wanted to press charges, you can often get a favorable decision or a good settlement that can help in the wake of the pain and suffering that you've been through as a result of the assault. Your attorney will want to go through the details of the situation with you; outlining these details, in particular, may strengthen your case.

The Assault Was Unprovoked

If your assault was completely unprovoked, this detail can definitely strengthen your personal injury case. Attorneys will often use the term "mutual combatants" if two parties were fighting, and this situation can make it difficult for you to perhaps get the decision or settlement you desire. However, the situation is different if you were assaulted without provoking it. For example, perhaps you were walking down the street, and someone jumped out of an alley and hit you in the head with a weapon.

You Tried To Escape

It can further boost your case if you can explain to your attorney how you tried to escape, rather than fight back. This, too, can make the defendant's attorney's claim of mutual combat less likely to stick in a court of law. Make sure to meticulously explain to your attorney how you reacted when the assault began. In the case of being assaulted in the street, you could state how you immediately dropped your grocery bags and ran across the street, eventually taking shelter behind a parked car before calling for help.

The Person Threatened You Afterward

In some assault cases, the perpetrator may threaten you afterward. This is obviously more common in assault cases in which you and the other party know each other. When you're able to detail to your attorney how the other party threatened you with further bodily harm, it demonstrates a lack of remorse for the act and can help to paint a picture of the degree of pain and suffering that you've been experiencing in the wake of the incident. The more you can illustrate each of these points, the better chance you'll have of a successful case.

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