How A Judgement And Uninsured Motorist Help Collecting Settlement From Uninsured Driver

One of the worst things to find out after a car accident is that the other driver, the one who caused the accident, has no auto insurance. When there is insurance, settling a case can still be difficult, but collecting the settlement is usually fairly easy and straightforward, as the insurance company will pay the amount you agreed upon. If the other driver was driving without any insurance coverage, your best bet to collect the money is by getting a judgement against the person and utilizing your uninsured motorist insurance coverage from your own auto insurance policy.

Proving Fault Is Important to Begin With

The first step in settling a case like this is proving fault, and this is usually not hard to do. If the evidence all points to the other driver being the cause of the accident, you can use this evidence to prove that you are not responsible for it. If the evidence clearly shows this, the other driver instantly becomes responsible to pay the damages you experienced from the accident. If he or she does not have auto insurance, though, it is harder to collect the money from the person.

You Could Begin by Utilizing Your Own Auto Policy

After you prove fault, the first way you can collect a settlement for your damages is by turning to your own insurance company. If your policy included uninsured motorist coverage, you will at least have some coverage for the damages you incurred from this accident, and you could file a claim for the damages. The only trouble with this is that most people do not have high limits on their uninsured coverage. What this means is that you might be able to collect some of the money you are entitled to, but you might not be able to collect all of it.

You Could Put in a Judgement Against the Other Driver

The other thing you could do is try to collect money from the other driver. If he or she does not have cash or assets to use for this, the next best option you have is to file a judgement for the money against the person. If you can get a judgement for it, the court might agree to garnish the person's paychecks until the total balance is paid off in full.

Settling a claim against a driver who did not have insurance can prove to be difficult, but you can get help with your case by hiring a car accident lawyer for legal assistance.