Has Your Employment Been Terminated? 4 Reasons To Contact An Attorney Right Away

If you've recently been fired, you need to take a close look at the reason behind the termination. There are times when an employer can utilize termination options without repercussions, such as when an employee fails to fulfill their responsibilities. However, there are other times when it is unlawful to terminate a person's employment. When that occurs, the action is considered to be wrongful termination. If you feel that you've been wrongfully terminated from your place of employment, take a look at the list provided below. If any of these situations relate to your termination, you need to contact an attorney right away. You may be entitled to compensation for your termination. 

You Missed Work for Jury Duty

If you missed work for jury duty and you were terminated for your absence, you may have been wrongfully terminated. There are some activities that have protection against termination. Two of those activities are military service and jury duty. If you are required to participate in military activities that call you away from your civilian employment or you receive an order to appear for jury duty, you cannot be terminated for those activities. 

You Reported Unlawful Activity

You need to contact an attorney as soon as possible if your employer was involved in an unlawful activity or they were allowing unlawful activity to occur and you were fired for reporting the activities. In most cases, the law protects those who report unlawful activities within the workplace. In other words, you can't be fired for being a whistleblower. 

You Were Discriminated Against

If you feel that you were the victim of discrimination and the discrimination led to the termination of your employment, it's time to seek legal counsel. Discrimination in the workplace can take on many forms, including age, gender, and religious discrimination. Unfortunately, discrimination occurs quite often in the workplace. If you've lost your job due to discrimination, talk to an attorney as soon as possible. 

You Had an Employment Contract

If you signed a contract when you began your job, and your termination goes against the content of that document, contact an attorney. This is particularly important if your contract contained specifics about the length of your employment or the reasons why termination may be allowed. 

If you feel that you've been the victim of wrongful termination, contact a wrongful termination attorney in your area. You may be entitled to compensation for your termination.