Interlock Devices Might Lead To Accidents With Negligent Drivers

Drinking and driving has claimed the lives of a large number of Americans, and interlock devices have been put in place to make sure that drivers do not find themselves in accidents by requiring that they prove that they are not intoxicated by using the interlock device. However, this device might also lead to a car accident.

The Risks of an Interlock Device

One of the concerns with the interlock device is that the driver will attempt to bypass the device. To prevent this, many interlock devices will require that the driver periodically use the device to prove that they are not intoxicated.

The interlocking device will flash and a horn will beep when it's time for a driver to pull over and use the interlock device. This can cause some drivers to become startled as they then proceed to pull their vehicles over. However, this can lead to hazardous driving and possibly an accident.

Some drivers might choose to stop on a busy road, and this can lead to the vehicle becoming a road hazard. There are also some drivers who choose to perform the test while the car is still in motion. 

Liability With an Accident Caused by an Interlock Device

After being involved in an accident, the operator of the vehicle with the interlock device will still likely be considered responsible for the accident. This is because the driver is still responsible for operating the vehicle in a safe manner and pulling over in time. However, you will still need help from an experienced car accident lawyer who can assist you in proving your case.

When liability is in dispute during the accident, you may need to prove that the driver was using the interlock device at the time of the accident. For example, you may have a witness who claims that the driver appeared to be in the position where they would be breathing into the interlock device at the time of the accident.

Cars Pulled Over

If the driver of the car with the interlock device pulled the vehicle over to the side of the road, the next step is to find out if the action was safe and justified. On a street that isn't very busy, the action might be considered prudent. However, if your attorney is able to argue that the driver created a dangerous situation, you may be able to seek compensation for your injuries.

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