What Proof Of Abuse You Need To Sue A Telemarketer

A telemarketer calling when you are trying to do something else is one of the most annoying things to happen in a day. Most telemarketers will only call once in a while and will honor your wishes if you tell them to not call again and even take your number off their list. Others, however, lean toward a more abusive and harassing approach.

You can sue a telemarketer or telemarketing company if you find they are engaging in harassing calls. Here is what proof you need to have in order to sue due to telemarketer abuse.

Record All Communications With The Telemarketer

Telemarketers are only allowed to call you at certain times during the day by law. They can also only contact you a certain amount of times during the month. They must cease communication if you ask them to do so. This means, in order to prove telemarketer abuse patterns, you need to record the conversation and write down relevant information from all communication you have with them.

This includes all phone calls and what time they came in. How often they are calling and include the date for each call. Recording the call can also prove whether or not they actually listened to what you are telling them in the phone conversation or they just kept talking and ignored you. You need to let them know they are being recorded to present it to a court.

Also, keep all written communication with them as well. You should keep any emails, letters, text messages, and also voice messages you receive, too. This can prove how often they are calling and initiating contact with you, as well as the tone in which they are speaking to you. It will also record you asking them to stop calling you and to take your phone number and other contact information off their call list.

If they don't comply, you can use this information in your lawsuit against them.

Record The Name Of The Telemarketer As Well As The Company Name

While you are getting the necessary information you need to prove telemarketer abuse, you also need to get the telemarketer's name and the name of the company they work for. It can also help to find out what company they are trying to sell services for. It may be possible that this company can be liable for not doing their own due diligence in researching the telemarketing company to know what type of practices they employ.

Also, get the caller's phone number, and even if every time they call it changes, record it. If the call comes up as unknown, make a note of that, too. Your lawyer can potentially get this information from the phone company as long as you have recorded the date and time of the call.

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