Why Do You Need An Art Lawyer?

For many reasons, art lawyers are called on to provide adequate representation in a variety of different types of cases.

These are some of the situations in which it might be a good idea to work with an art lawyer.

Art Appraisal Issues

One reason why people hire art lawyers is to discuss matters related to art appraisals. If you believe an art appraisal is invalid or you have questions about the validity of a document, it is important to consult with a lawyer who can help you determine if you should bring an evaluation to court.

Rights of Art Dealers & Buyers

Another common issue that art lawyers help with is regarding the rights of those involved in a transaction. Whether you are an art dealer or buyer, you need to make sure that you are well-represented in court if issues arise surrounding what happened during a deal.

Questions About an Estate

Whether you have found art in your loved one's estate plan or you are dealing directly with an artist who has an estate left behind, a lawyer will be a useful figure. You may need to know your rights if you bring a case to court or if you want to distribute property fairly. If somebody challenges an estate, an art lawyer can also help.

Art Involved in Bankruptcy Cases

If you are going through bankruptcy or you have sold a piece to somebody who is now unable to pay for the piece, a lawyer will be helpful to have on your side. It is important that you talk to the attorney about your concerns and the next steps for collecting money, recovering the art, or paying for the art.

Copyright Matters

Copyright concerns also make up a significant portion of a lawyer's duties. Art lawyers help determine if your copyright claim is valid, and they also ensure that your claims to copyright are valid. If the case does have to go to court, the lawyer will represent you or an estate to protect the claim to copyright.

Consult With an Art Lawyer to Learn More

An art lawyer can provide more guidance about how to move forward with a case. Consult with a professional to learn more about building a strong case and ensuring that you have everything you need to come to court prepared.

Contact an art lawyer near you for more information about their services.