Car Accident In The Snow: How To Deal

Having a car accident in the snow is quite an inconvenient situation. Here are the steps you can take to resolve this issue. Get Everyone's Insurance Info While you're at the scene of the accident, get everyone's insurance information and take the names and numbers of witnesses. That's especially important if it's a multi-car pile-up, where determining who is at fault can be difficult. Determining fault during a snow storm can be tricky, since many cars may be behaving erratically due to slick road conditions.

Is A Rent-To-Own Home Right For You?

When you have financial problems that could prevent you from qualifying for a home loan, there is still a chance that you could become a homeowner. If you can find a seller willing to setup a rent-to-own contract with you, you could eventually own a home. Whether or not this is the best way to become a homeowner is debatable though. If you are considering a rent-to-own situation, here are some pros and cons to help you decide.

Charged With A DWI? Why You Should Call A Lawyer Right Away

When it comes to moving violations, few charges can be as serious as driving while intoxicated (DWI.)  This charge can be so critical because it alleges that you were operating a vehicle while under the influence of a substance that could have rendered you unfit to be behind the wheel.  It indicates that not only did you put yourself in danger, you also endangered the lives of other motorists as well.

Custody Tips For Divorcing Parents

If you are going through a divorce, you already understand how difficult this entire ordeal is on your children. You should know, however, that you and your spouse could be doing your children a huge favor by making child custody and visitation arrangements yourselves. No one knows your unique circumstances better, so try to put aside your differences long enough to create a fair and workable child visitation and custody agreement yourself, instead of leaving it to a family court judge.

Signs Of Nursing-Home Abuse

If you have a loved one who lives in a nursing home, you may be concerned about abuse—and you have good reason to be concerned. One-third of all of the nursing homes in the United States received a citation for patient abuse between the years 1999 and 2001. Of the citations given, 10 percent of them were issued to nursing homes for abuse violations that placed the elderly victim directly in harm's way.