Hiring A Real Estate Tax Attorney

Property taxes aren't negotiable. The actual amount of property taxes owed on any type of real estate is fixed and isn't up for discussion with the corresponding tax authority. However, a real estate tax attorney might be able to negotiate details of any owed back-taxes when it comes to any assessed penalties and/or interest on those taxes. And, depending on the amount owed, this can really amount to a great deal of potential savings (over time).

Filing For Divorce? What You Should Do Beforehand

Filing for divorce is a big deal. It's a huge step in your life and one you should think about — it's not a quick decision you should make. If you are set on filing for divorce, there are a number of things you should do before you actually file. Read on for helpful information to help you be better prepared for when you do file for your divorce. Get Your Financial Ducks In A Row

2 Ways To Settle A Tax Bill With The IRS

When you owe the IRS money for back taxes, you should not expect them to drop this issue without receiving any money. The IRS does not drop tax bills that consumers owe, but they do accept payment plans and settlement offers. If you owe money for back taxes and need help settling this issue, contact a tax attorney. The attorney might suggest using one of the following two methods for settling this debt.

What Is A Bankruptcy Petition In Chapter 7?

After thoroughly analyzing Chapter 7 bankruptcy and other debt-relief options, you may decide that Chapter 7 is the right option for your financial situation. If so, one of the first steps you must complete is working on the bankruptcy petition. If you've never filed for bankruptcy before, you may have questions about the petition. What is it? What information do you need for it? If you have questions like this, here are the answers you may want to know before filing.

Employment And Your Green Card: What You Need To Know

Anyone immigrating to the United States and hoping to make this country their home will need to apply for a green card. A green card affords immigrants permanent residence status, meaning that they can live and work in the United States indefinitely. In order to obtain a green card, you will need to be sponsored by a family member or spouse. In addition, some immigrants can be sponsored by certain humanitarian organizations.