Ticketed? Learn How Traffic Offenses Influence Personal Injury Cases

When a driver involved in an accident ends up with not just a wrecked car but a traffic ticket, the effects can be far more serious than just a few hundred dollars. Read on to find out what this complicating factor might mean to your personal injury case. When Citations Affect Liability When a traffic citation is issued in connection with an accident, it's almost always connected to liability. Liability means fault, and many accidents involve a driver that violates a traffic law and consequently causes a wreck.

Signs Of Nursing-Home Abuse

If you have a loved one who lives in a nursing home, you may be concerned about abuse—and you have good reason to be concerned. One-third of all of the nursing homes in the United States received a citation for patient abuse between the years 1999 and 2001. Of the citations given, 10 percent of them were issued to nursing homes for abuse violations that placed the elderly victim directly in harm's way.

Unconventional Ways Of Speeding Up Divorce

The conventional advice for speeding up divorce is to agree on as many things as possible so that you only go to court to get the judge's stamp on your divorce agreement. What about if you want to divorce faster than this advice can afford you? In this case, you might have to resort to some unconventional tricks, such as: Get To Another State Residency requirements are one of the things that can delay your divorce; most states require you to reside within their borders for a minimum period before filing for divorce.

What To Do When Your Ex-Spouse Refuses To Sign Divorce Papers

You've sent the divorce papers, but your ex-spouse refuses to sign them. Your ex-spouse could refuse to sign the papers to anger you, or perhaps they don't understand them. Regardless of the reason they refuse to sign papers, they cannot stop you from getting a divorce. Here is how to get a divorce even when your ex-spouse refuses to sign the papers. Opt for No-Fault Divorce Divorces commonly start with a separation, but a separation agreement isn't granted by courts, and it cannot be forced upon an unwilling party.

Sneaky Tricks Your Significant Other (That Wants Out) May Use Against You

If your mate is wanting out of the marriage, they may engage in some behaviors that will confuse and hurt you unless you are aware of the motives behind these. One of these is work on getting you to incriminate yourself or otherwise engage in unwise activities so that they can gain advantages during divorce. You will need to be aware of these traps (whether you are a man or a woman), so that you can fall into to protect yourself and your rights.