How A Judgement And Uninsured Motorist Help Collecting Settlement From Uninsured Driver

One of the worst things to find out after a car accident is that the other driver, the one who caused the accident, has no auto insurance. When there is insurance, settling a case can still be difficult, but collecting the settlement is usually fairly easy and straightforward, as the insurance company will pay the amount you agreed upon. If the other driver was driving without any insurance coverage, your best bet to collect the money is by getting a judgement against the person and utilizing your uninsured motorist insurance coverage from your own auto insurance policy.

Health Issues You May Not Have Known That Fall Under Worker's Compensation

Worker's compensation is often awarded to people who suffer some pretty severe work-related injuries. However, there are some health issues that a lot of people do not realize or even know about that fall under worker's compensation laws. If you think you might have one of the following conditions as a result of your job, or it can be linked to your job, consult with a worker's compensation attorney. Rashes

Know Your Potential Penalties And Get The Defense You Deserve

When it comes to facing criminal charges, one decision you will have to make is whether to hire a criminal defense attorney or not. While you can have the legal representation offered to you in court, this attorney is likely to be overworked with too many cases. Hiring a personal attorney can make the difference between spending time in jail or having your charges dropped. If you aren't sure whether to hire an attorney, consider what your potential penalties are for the charges against you.

Choosing The Right Attorney To Put Your Life Back Together

Suffering a serious injury in an automotive accident is everyone's worst nightmare, especially when the accident wasn't your fault. Personal injury claims can be long and difficult, and it is important to choose the right attorney to represent you and make sure that you receive the proper amount of compensation. Even worse, you will likely be fighting with the insurance company while also contending with doctor's visits, physical therapy, and medical bills.

What to Know About Structured Settlements

When you are hurt by the carelessness of others, the last thing on your mind might be the way you are paid your settlement. Sooner or later, however, the negative financial ramifications of your car accident will become more apparent and you may seek compensation. You have a choice about how you are paid when you agree to a personal injury settlement, so read on to learn more. Lump Sum or Structured?