The Social Security Disability Medical Exam

If you can no longer do the work you used to do, you might want to look into Social Security disability benefits. This government program is meant to partially cover your pay when a medical condition prevents you from working. The road to get benefits, however, is long and difficult and there are several events that might cause delays and denials. Read on to learn more about one of these events, the consultative medical exam (CME).

Valuable Details That Can Strengthen A Personal Injury Assault Suit

While many people associate personal injury suits with slip-and-fall cases or dog bites, the reality is that you may choose to hire an attorney and pursue this type of legal action in the wake of an assault. While you may also be dealing with the situation in criminal court, especially if you called the police and wanted to press charges, you can often get a favorable decision or a good settlement that can help in the wake of the pain and suffering that you've been through as a result of the assault.

Returning to Court on a Workers' Comp Appeal: Can You Win?

If your first workers' compensation hearing resulted in nothing, you can always appeal. Whether or not you win depends on any new evidence you can present to the judge to show you should be awarded the compensation you seek. Your workers' comp attorney can file the appeal, but he/she will need the new evidence to support the appeal as filed. Here are some things in a workers' comp appeal case that will first get you and your lawyer into the appeals court, and then possibly help you win your case.

2 Signs You Are Driving Behind A Person Who Is Drunk

While you are driving home one night, you may have a driver in front of you that is operating their vehicle in an erratic way, causing you to suspect that they are under the effects of alcohol. If so, there are several signs you need to look for to determine whether you are correct in your suspicions so you can steer clear of their car to keep from getting into an accident.

2 Things To Do If You Are In An Accident While Driving A Semi

Driving a semi-truck can be a lot of work. You have various deadlines that you have to deal with, as well as making sure that your load gets on and off your truck the way that you should. Then you have to deal with all the traffic that you will run into when you are driving. Most people don't realize what driving a large truck is like. For example, it takes you a lot more time to get up to speed as well as to stop, and your blind spots are incredibly huge, especially when you are hauling a trailer.